March 24, 2020

#StillFarming despite COVID-19

Topic: Issues

March 24, 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic won't stop farmers and ranchers from providing the food, fiber and fuel we all need.

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Without a doubt it is an interesting time we live in right now. You know there is fear out there. Uncertainty. People wondering what’s next. Where do we go from here. And the best message I can give is we need to remain calm. Panic does not help sound decisions.

Yes. There are certain things we need to do. Some precautions we need to carry out right now. But there’s no need for panic. This will come and go. We will make it through and there will be a brighter day on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve had to make some changes at NDFB. We’ve had to cancel and reschedule some events that some of our counties were going to put on. Some great events. Some very informational events. But now is the time to focus on yourself. Focus on your family, your community. Make the necessary changes that you need to make and by all means, remember those that are maybe in a more difficult position. Those that may be a little bit more susceptible to COVID-19. Remember those people when you are making decisions.

Now, should we shut down our everyday lives for an indefinite amount of time? Absolutely not. Make an adjustment. Making sounds decisions. Carrying on with business because we need to do our business, and that is exactly what farmers and ranchers are doing as we speak.

You can know that the American farmer and rancher, that farmers and ranchers across the great state of North Dakota are working hard every day to make sure that you have a safe and abundant supply of food year in and year out.

This pandemic doesn’t change that. In fact, it shows the resiliency of the North Dakota farmer and rancher, the American farmer and rancher of what they will do to carry out their obligations to grow the food that we so much need for not only our nutrition, but for our national security. And thank God that we have these dedicated folks out on the land carry for the natural resources to provide the nutrition that we require.

They’ll be here. They’ll be working. And people will make adjustments as needed and continue on as we get past this time of uncertainty.