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It's North Dakota State Fair week! And that means 4-H and FFA projects are being shown by proud young agriculturalists. Let's show them our support!

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Showcasing agriculture. This week at the North Dakota State Fair hundreds of 4-H and FFA members display their hard work and their effort to promote agriculture through the projects they’ve done and display. It might be just a simple woodworking project or an extravagant woodworking project. It might be a welding project, it might be vegetables, it might be showing a pig or a cow or a sheep or a goat, or it might be other handiwork that they’ve done throughout the year.

Many hours go into the preparation of these projects. And the 4-H and FFA youth of our state are proud to be involved in those organizations which promote agriculture, and take this opportunity on a statewide level to promote it and showcase it.

Now this isn’t the only place that these members of those youth organizations have showcased their involvement in agriculture. Many of them leading up to the state fair, and there’s still some after the state fair, that will participate in their county fairs.

It’s a great thing that we have here in the state to be able to showcase agriculture. And remind everybody of the importance of the number one industry that our state so much relies on. And the need to keep expanding and looking for ways to make agriculture better, and create more opportunity for the very youth that – this week through all of their hard work for many months leading up to this – will be showcasing and sharing with all people that come through those gates at the North Dakota State Fair.

So if you have nothing on your agenda this week, or if you were going to go to the fair for maybe just a concert, show up a little early. Go through all those exhibit buildings. Go through the barns. Visit with those young folks who worked so hard, and their families who dedicated so much time, to making sure that North Dakota youth are among the finest anywhere in the world.

So come on up. Join us. And take some time to really take in all of the great things that 4-H and FFA members from across the whole state do throughout the year.

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