July 30, 2019

Supporting youth and livestock at the fair

Topic: Education

July 30, 2019: The N.D. State Fair is in the books and the 4-H and FFA livestock shows that took place were a highlight of the fair for ag youth and NDFB.

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The 2019 North Dakota State Fair is in the books, coming to a close on July 27th. There were many livestock exhibits at the fair this year, and NDFB, once again, was proud to sponsor the showring in the Expo Barn. This is the ring where many of the 4-H and FFA shows take place, and also, many of the open class livestock shows happen, which, by the way, have become predominantly youth shows at the North Dakota State Fair.

Sponsoring that ring gives us exposure and lets folk know that, first and foremost, we support our youth involved in agricultural projects. And secondly, we support the livestock industry in the state of North Dakota. It is a great opportunity to expose those youth to the NDFB brand, and hopefully by sponsoring the North Dakota State Fair showring, we can make opportunities better for the youth that are involved in livestock projects in our state.

We also support the state science and engineering fair. What a great opportunity to help promote the sciences and the engineering, which, in agriculture, we have come to appreciate the technological advances that have come out of great science and great engineering when it comes to crops, computer systems to monitor and run our equipment, computer systems to manage daily functions of barns or greenhouses. Science and engineering is a very important part of agriculture, and exposing those youth that want to take interest in and participate in those good activities is also important to us at NDFB.

So, I guess you could say that NDFB supports youth projects which may, one day, make a change in agriculture for the positive, and every day that we can support youth in agriculture will make a positive change in those youths’ lives.

It was a great State Fair. We were proud to sponsor the showring where hundreds of youth participated and excelled with their projects.