Supreme Court ruling beneficial to animal ag

Created: 2/26/21 (Fri) | Topic: Issues

Bismarck, ND -- North Dakota Farm Bureau applauds the North Dakota Supreme Court’s recent decision in Grand Prairie Agriculture v. Pelican Township. NDFB strives to support North Dakota agriculture by protecting the rights of farmers and ranchers. The decision by North Dakota’s highest court is a momentous step toward ensuring the continued viability of animal agriculture in North Dakota.

Despite priding itself as ag-friendly, North Dakota lags far behind Minnesota and other states in animal agriculture. Farmers and ranchers across this state face overzealous regulations intended to zone them out of existence. These regulations go well beyond what is allowed by state law — often forcing farmers to jump through hoops, which their peers in regulation-heavy states like Minnesota avoid entirely. However, last week’s decision by the North Dakota Supreme Court confirms the rule of law still protects farmers and ranchers from these pointed regulatory attacks.

When overzealous municipalities violate state law, they must be held accountable. NDFB has and will continue to fight for the rights of farmers and ranchers in the great state of North Dakota and appreciates the continued support of its members state-wide.

To read the entire ruling, click here

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