Tax cuts biggest unresolved congressional issue

Created: 10/04/10 (Mon) | Topic: Issues

With members of Congress gone from Washington to campaign for the November election, the big issue left on hold is tax cuts, according to Mark Maslyn, executive director of public policy for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“Capital gains taxes and estate taxes and the 140-some other tax provisions, including the biodiesel tax credit and the ethanol tax credit, have been left to wait until a lame duck session. It’s just another example of things not getting done that should be done. The list is very long,” Maslyn said.

Congress is set to return to Washington Nov. 15 for a lame duck session. “At the end of the year Congress will have to deal with the spending package, how to fund this government. They have not passed one appropriations bill in the past year and so they will have an omnibus spending package that they will enact. That has to be done. They will do something about some of the tax provisions. You just don’t know which ones at this point,” Maslyn said.

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