Thanksgivings to remember

Created: 11/27/19 (Wed) | Topic: Events

By Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Public Policy Director0

As Americans, we all know the story of the original Thanksgiving: The Pilgrims giving thanks for a bountiful harvest with help from the Native Americans who lived here. We may even remember Thanksgiving Proclamations from Presidents Washington, Lincoln and others, right up to the pardon conferred upon modern day turkeys by presidents in recent years. But in many American families the most memorable Thanksgiving celebrations are those where the meal or perhaps the entire weekend did not quite go as planned.

There are stories of driving all night through a blizzard to reach loved ones or other harrowing events recalled from the good old days. And there are stories of exciting events which occurred around Thanksgiving weekend; the sports championships or rivalry games or even the family celebration of a newborn who arrived in time to interrupt the family’s meal plans. Sometimes the funniest stories involve a cooking disaster which will forever be remembered and become part of family lore as the years pass.

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