February 12, 2019

The Green New Deal

Topic: Issues

February 12, 2019: The Green New Deal pretty much calls for the elimination of everything that we need to live, not to mention cows. 

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With every election there brings newly elected folks to office that put out some, well let’s just say it, crazy ideas from time to time.

And now we have a Congresswoman suggesting that cows are a major contributor and a big problem when it comes to greenhouse gases.

The Green New Deal pretty much eliminates the ability to do anything. Wants to eliminate fossil fuels, wants to eliminate cows because of flatulence, which let’s correct that right away, it’s not the cow farts that creates the methane gas, it’s the digesting that cows does and the belching that produces that methane gas. They don’t even know what they’re talking about when they begin to talk. But that’s commonplace amongst the extreme environmental community. Getting rid of planes, getting rid of natural gas, oil, diesel, gasoline, coal, cows, everything that is meaningful to making our world go around.

A lot of times agriculture gets a bad rap. However, less than 10 percent – about 9 percent of the greenhouse gases produced – come from agriculture. There is more produced from houses and businesses, which is 11 percent. So one could argue that urbanization is creating more greenhouse gases than we are.

And then you have industry. Twenty-two percent of greenhouse gases comes from industry. That’s the places where they take the raw goods and turn them into useable products, such as that cell phone that you are possibly listening to this podcast on. Transportation is the highest by far, but I’m not sure that there’s too many people willing to go back to a horse and buggy, or hoofing it everywhere you wanna go, and essentially eliminating world travel, unless you’re going to do it by a sailboat, because we won’t have any oil or gas and diesel to run the boats.

So when we hear these things coming from elected officials, I’m not even going to call them “elected leaders” anymore. I don’t consider someone a leader that wants to take us down a path of destruction for our country and our world.

And at NDFB, we believe that those of us in agriculture are doing a terrific job of producing more while using less, and we are actually contributing to the betterment of all of our natural resources and the air around us.

And our farmers and ranchers work hard every day because their future depends on having a great resource available for future generations.