The heart of a volunteer

Created: 4/12/21 (Mon) | Topic: Leadership

By Alisha Nord-Donnelly, NDFB Southeast Field Representative

When we talk about “our people” we aren’t just talking about NDFB members. We are talking about firefighters, 4-H leaders, referees, mentors, legislators, judging coaches, advisors, and honestly, the list is endless. Our members pour their heart and soul into their communities and we couldn’t be more honored that they are willing to share a piece of their time with us. 

So why do people volunteer? What’s so great about being THAT busy? The honest answer is no one loves being that busy or having multiple meetings during an already busy week. The reason people volunteer is because they identify with specific values. More often than not, you do this work without anything in return because it leads you to a sense of peace and purpose. 

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