The old baby blue Chevy

Created: 1/28/22 (Fri) | Topic: Education

By Amy Neurohr, NDFB Administrative Specialist

A few months ago, I stopped at my uncle’s farmstead located just a few miles from my dad’s farm near Butte. My uncle passed away many years ago and the farmstead is currently abandoned. In that yard is a museum of memories; old grain trucks, fence panels and “this is still good” remnants of torn down buildings.

One relic that really caught my eye was my dad’s old baby blue 1963 Chevy truck. You know how scents or songs bring back memories of particular moments? When I saw that truck, that’s exactly what happened.

So many childhood experiences came to me; Dad asking me to jump in the truck to check on crops, Dad pulling my brother and I on a tube in the snow with the truck, taking a break from rock picking to run into town for a cold Dr. Pepper (a rare treat!), hitching a ride by jumping on the truck’s stepside as Dad drove by.

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