The season of branding

Created: 5/14/21 (Fri) | Topic: Education

By Haley Robison, NDFB Southwest Field Representative 

Do you have a certain time of year that you always look forward to? Is it Christmas or Halloween? Or summertime camping trips? While I do enjoy all those things, the time of year our household looks forward to the most is branding season. 

For us, branding season signifies the end of calving, the beginning of summer turnout, and warm weather upon us. Brandings are a fun social gathering of friends, family, and neighbors. We all get together for one purpose: to get the calves worked. For us, we brand and vaccinate all our calves this time of year. Some people don’t brand anymore but still need to vaccinate calves and castrate bull calves in the spring, so the same work is done. Every ranch is different, but the goal is the same and that is to raise healthy calves to feed the world.

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