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Although many of us undoubtedly enjoyed fireworks displays over the Independence Day weekend, our founding fathers had plenty of proverbial fireworks to deal with as well. But it was that freedom of debate that made our country great.

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Happy 4th of July week, or more appropriately, happy Independence Day week. You know, our forefathers went through a lot of anguish, work, blood, sweat, tears and a lot of determination was used to provide us the independence from the oversight of a mother country, to become our country with our decisions, with our own ways, that was guaranteed in our Constitution.

North Dakota Farm Bureau, we have a very firm belief, a philosophical principle that we believe in the representative form of government, a Republic, as provided in our Constitution, in limitations on government power, in maintenance of equal opportunity, and the right of each individual to freedom of worship, and in freedom of speech, press and peaceful assembly.

That’s an interesting statement when you consider all those things together. Because at the time of our independence and our forming of our Constitution, things maybe weren’t so peaceful at times. It was a big struggle to come to a consensus. It was, it was hard fought. It was not very nice at times. And it wasn’t easy. But it wasn’t supposed to be easy.

We’re designed to have rigorous debate, good discussions, disagreements before we have an action that will impose restrictions or enhancements on the American people. That’s what our Constitution laid out for us. Not the ease of doing things, but the requirement of being involved, being engaged, having that discussion, having that debate and – sometimes – very rigorous disagreement before making rules and laws that will affect everyone in our country.

So on this week of Independence Day – the fireworks day so to speak – makes it appropriate that we have fireworks, because there was a lot of fireworks shared by the people that founded our country, our forefathers, to have the vision for a free country, the United States of America.

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