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Created: 3/18/15 (Wed) | Topic: Leadership

By Carie Moore

Happy National Ag Day! Now I know this isn't as well known as a president's birthday, but it is a proud holiday for many of those who work hard to produce the food you eat, the ethanol you use, the food your pets eat, the jeans you wear, yes even the cigarettes you smoke...uck...but we are here, working days and nights and holidays and weekends so everyone can have these things.

I am proud to say I am a farmer, a farmer's wife, a farm mom, a conservationist, a leader, a student, and ag advocate/educator. I wear a lot of hats and I strive to do the best I can in each role as do a lot of people along side of me.

I would love to tag every farmer I know, but just all of you know on this day I also thank you and appreciate you for what you do. We all have our own niches and that completes the full circle of products that agriculture provides. North Dakota Farm Bureau has been a great eye opener for me and getting in contact with old and new friends who have the same mission.

Please watch the movie Farmland, I know I keep plugging it but for all of you who do not farm I would really like you to see what goes on and ask questions!!! Don't believe every Facebook link that gets posted...ask us! Or "like" an educational pro-agriculture page and follow that for a while and see the positive things going on every day!

As farmers we need to be loud. It's not going to just be about a plow and a pencil...if we don't get involved with what's going on in our capitals by the time our children get to farm there may be regulations everywhere. I know we don't want to do it, we think that's what someone else is there for. If that's your position I'm ok with that but then make sure you get out to vote at elections because that person that gets elected is your voice.

So, as my husband pulled out the cultivator and seeder last week I sit here with snow falling. I love my family and I love my life and no matter what gets thrown at us we're all in it together. All ag producers struggle and strive and they all deserve our thanks!

Moore is the District 4 representative on the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee. Committee member bios here.

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