Use your strengths to grow your farm

Created: 4/19/22 (Tue) | Topic: Leadership

Are you Solopreneur looking to meet all your goals? Multi-generational farm figuring out how to work together? Ranching with several employees and trying to get organized? Join Emmery and Ezra as they visit with Patrick Metzger, EOS certified coach, to talk about how to clarify, simplify and achieve your vision for your farm.

Learn about how to:

  • Clarify functions and responsibilities on your operation
  • Put the Right Person in the Right Seat 
  • Set 90-day rocks, the most important priorities for your business
  • Be proactive instead of reactive

Patrick Metzger lives in Casselton, N.D., and partners with businesses in North Dakota and across the Midwest to achieve their visions.

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Resources for Straight Talk with NDFB Listeners:

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Free Chapter of Traction, book by Gino Wickman

Request a Free 90 Minute meeting with Patrick Metzger

How to conduct a Level Ten Meeting

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