What I wish I had known

Created: 5/10/22 (Tue) | Topic: Education

By Amy Neurohr, NDFB Administrative Specialist.

In January of 2019, my son Ryan who was 13 years old at the time, caught a flu bug. Winter is well known for having numerous bugs and viruses running amuck in schools and homes, so being sick was nothing out of the ordinary. He was home ill for quite a few days. In fact, he seemed to be getting worse instead of better as each day went by. I took him to the walk-in clinic and received advice on keeping him rested and hydrated. On January 26, Ryan became lethargic and unable to stand. We immediately rushed him to the ER. In an overwhelming flurry of hospital staff, IV’s and allergy questions, the doctor approached me and said, “His blood sugar is 748. Your son has Type 1 diabetes and has probably had it for a few months.” I was in shock. The possibility of him having diabetes had never even crossed my mind. How could I have missed that for so long?

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