What NDFB wants in a farm bill

Created: 1/10/17 (Tue) | Topic: Issues

NDFB President Daryl Lies shares what NDFB will stand for when American Farm Bureau delegates debate what should be in the farm bill during the AFBF Annual Convention in Phoenix, Ariz.

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The great debate. Well, I don’t know if it’s the great debate but the last few days we have been at AFBF Annual Meeting and Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Today marks the day where we debate our national policies through AFBF, the delegate process at the annual meeting.

A lot of the focus here today is on the 2018 farm bill. These policy decisions that will be decided today will lay the groundwork of how AFBF is involved in those discussions concerning the farm bill.

At NDFB, we have policy that encourages people to look for alternatives to move away from government programs. We have also had discussions at NDFB of finding workable solutions in disparities in farm programs. Well, sometimes those disparities have to be addressed in the elimination of the discriminatory program that causes the disparity.

Eliminating dependence on government. Eliminating government overreach and regulation is a philosophical principle and belief of NDFB. These discussions could get intense, today, as we look at these policy considerations, because we’re bringing the 50 states and Puerto Rico together. It gets to be very interesting conversation and very enlightening conversation of the different aspects to a farm bill or any regulation and how it affects the different regions of our country and the individual farmers and ranchers.

NDFB only has two delegates to voice our concerns or our enhancements that we have for AFBF policy. We may be the small fish in the big pond, but rest-assured, we will address those things that we think need to be improved to better the lives of farmers and ranchers back in North Dakota.  

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