October 27, 2020

What would you do?

Topic: Leadership

October 26, 2020: From a pie-in-the-face to a tractor trek across the state, NDFB members are taking the NDFB Foundation Challenge to help provide a brighter future for agriculture.

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Information and education. The NDFB Foundation strives to provide educational opportunities for all ages and information for the betterment of the knowledge and perception of agriculture. And sometimes things get interrupted and fund-raising opportunities have to get creative.

We now have a peer-to-peer fundraising activity going on, where it’s a challenge. Members take on a task if a certain amount of money is raised. You know maybe they get a pie in the face, for example, if people donate 500 dollars in that person’s name for their task that they will do. Or maybe they’ll sing the national anthem for a thousand dollars if they get enough donations in their name.

In fact, I’m trying to figure out what mine will be. Mine’s gonna be a bigger one, maybe five thousand or ten thousand, but I need some input of what would qualify for people to give money to raise that much, that they want to see me do.

Well, we’ve got some great members and staff out there that are doing the very things right now I talked about and you can support those activities by going to and clicking on the donate button and donate in many different capacities of different things that our staff, our great members, are doing to raise money, so we can provide more information, more education about agriculture in this great state of North Dakota.

We’re proud of our members, we’re proud of our staff that have stepped up to help raise funds when we’ve had to make modifications to crowd gatherings in this unusual year of 2020., click on the donate tab and find out what everyone is doing for their challenge dollars.

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