March 19, 2021

Where would we be without ag?

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Where would we be without agriculture?

By Isabella Chism @agrimom

Where would we be without agriculture? Some would say naked and hungry. While that may be true for a time, I say eventually we as a society would be no more. Think about it. You can only be hungry for so long and then with no food being grown, what happens?

Switching topics for a minute…let’s say it’s your birthday. Why is this day any more important than the other 364 days? It’s not, but it is a day set apart to remember the value of you. We take this opportunity to celebrate you, how you have impacted our lives and what you have gone through the past 364 days. It also gives you that same opportunity and provides you with the chance to see your impact through others’ eyes. That is the precise reason we celebrate National Ag Day every year in March.

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