May 3, 2019

Why I advocate for ag

Topic: Education

By Lisa Hauf, NDFB Public Relations Director

I’m two generations removed from the farm and I have a passion for promoting agriculture. But what led me down this path? I like to think it’s because I met the right people at the right time.

Growing up in western North Dakota, before the second oil boom hit, meant agriculture surrounded you. Some of my best friends were from farms and many of my high school memories involved those farms. One of my favorite reminiscences was taking a friend who lived his entire life on the East Coast horseback riding. It was classic. I’ll never forget the stampede of horses approaching some tree rows next to us, as two of my friends gathered the horses. The ground rumbled and my friend, whose farm we were on, yelled to the other friend, “Pull back on the reigns! Pull back!” I still laugh thinking of my East Coast friend’s face at that moment. His look was even more priceless when we were asked to make a fence with our bodies to prevent the horses from galloping the same direction the next time my two friends tried bringing the horses up to the barn.

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