March 19, 2018

Why is agriculture important?

Topic: Education

by Abby Braaten

The reason my basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are met every day is because of agriculture and the food indsutry.

I wake up in my cotton sheets, eat a healthful breakfast of potato hashbrowns and eggs, then use a few dollars of profit from my family's farm to fill up my car's gas tank. Agriculture is a way of survival, both with food and clothing and also my family's occupation.

Growing up on a corn and soybean farm, I have an in-born appreciation for the hard work and importance of a career in agriculture and the food industry. I have fond memories of my childhood including spending time with my father in the tractor. Every morning I would hear him stumble out of bed and into the kitchen. He would pour a steaming cup of coffee and proceed to look out the window and ponder the day's work. His drive and dedication to serving the earth and its people inspire me to contribute to the agriculture and food industry.

Not only is agriuclture important to me, a bonified "farm kid" and agricultural economics major, but to society at large. No matter where you go or what you buy, you are impacted in some way, shape or form by a farm product of one type or another.

Agriculture permeates nearly every aspect of our society and I am proud to say I am a part of it and pleased to be following in not only my father's footsteps, but in my grandfather and great grandfather's as well.

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