March 20, 2018

Without agriculture...

Topic: Education

By Erika Moderow

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important industries in the world today. It impacts every single person, because we all require the products that come from agriculture in order to survive.

Without the agricultural industry, we would be without the main portion of our sustenance. Besides food crops, farmers also hep to maintain the Earth by taking care of the land and the soil.

In addition to the products that the agricultural industry produces, it also allows for a wide variety of job opportunities. There is the obvious occupation of a farmer, but the crops that farmers grow allow other people to have jobs working for companies that make food products using those corps. The industry also allows for jobs in research. In turn, agricultural research has allowed for advancements in new types of corps that can be grown easier in certain climates and with less chemicals.

Besides providing food and jobs, the agricultural industry gives great role models for children to look up to. Farming is a profession that values honesty and hard work. Farmers put in farm more than forty hours a week, and they sacrifice time with their families so that we can eat. They go through good times when the crops are plentiful, and they go through years when there is barely anything to show for their hard work.

Farmers are role models that demonstrate that you have to work to achieve your goals and dreams. Without agriculture, society would have never developed in the way that it has, and we would not have such great role models to look up to.