Section 400 - Government

401.00 Agriculture Zoning

We believe townships and counties should not have livestock regulations which are more stringent than the state model ordinances.---ID#:2584/23

We shall work with townships and counties to develop farmer-friendly, responsible zoning ordinances, for crop and animal agriculture, and oppose extra-territorial zoning.---ID#: 2695/24

We support the creation of a law that would protect land used primarily for production agriculture to retain its agricultural designation even when annexed by a city or municipality. Special assessments should be deferred until the
land is developed.---ID#: 1913/23

We believe agriculture zoning should not be held to a higher standard than zoning for industrial or municipal uses.---ID#: 786/23

We encourage zoning authorities to use the state model zoning ordinance as their primary guideline.---ID#: 2492/22

We believe zoning authority should be controlled at the township level when the townships choose to do so.---ID#: 1090/22

We believe that townships should not have the ability to zone for Animal Feeding Operations (AFO).---ID#: 2477/24

402.00 Economic Development

We support the diversification of our economy within the state of North Dakota including, but not limited to, energy, technology, and agriculture.---ID#: 2539/23

We support increasing the domestic utilization of agricultural products produced by the state's farmers and ranchers.---ID#: 2543/23

We favor allowing county and state fair boards to decide if they should pursue gaming and parimutuel betting within their facilities for the benefit of agriculture.---ID#: 2563/23

We believe state government programs which are designed to encourage business growth, should be equally available to production agriculture ventures.---ID#: 2588/23

We support capitalism and free enterprise.---ID#: 2453/24

403.00 Elections

We oppose the use of electronic touch screen ballot.---ID#: 2548/23

We oppose ranked-choice voting, preferential voting, or ranked-choice balloting.---ID#: 2581/23

We support state laws that require legal photo identification to vote.---ID#: 2613/23

We believe it should be the responsibility of individual voters to request an absentee ballot.---ID#: 2547/23

We believe voter integrity would be best served in North Dakota by having a simple and open protocol to verify votes counted by electronic means.---ID#: 2554/23

404.00 Government Operations

We believe the public should have an opportunity to have an open question and answer period when any government entity is developing rules and regulations.---ID#: 2593/23

We oppose federal or state mandates to cities, counties, townships or school districts or any local jurisdiction without funding such mandates.---ID#: 62/23

We support the increased availability and funding for proper training of rural emergency services as well as the equipment needed for agricultural emergencies.---ID#: 2667/24

Human Health

We oppose all vaccination passports.---ID#:2532/22

We believe healthcare decisions, including vaccinations are personal decisions between the individual and their healthcare provider and should not be state or federally mandated.---ID#:2515/22

We oppose any and all health mandates that would prevent people from engaging in commerce, enjoying any public benefit, or exercising any right.---ID#: 2486/22

We oppose mandatory mask and/or vaccine mandates at the local, state, and federal levels.---ID#: 2645/24

405.00 Insurance

We believe that commercial applicators should be required to have at least one million dollars in liability insurance.---ID#: 2283/22

We support all North Dakota licensed insurance companies, including Nodak Insurance, providing insurance  alternatives for all agricultural practices including, but not limited to, direct market agriculture.---ID#: 2296/22

We encourage increased private competition in the North Dakota health insurance market.---ID#: 1351/22

We oppose mandates on health insurance.---ID#: 1689/24

406.00 North Dakota Laws

We oppose any red flag gun laws.---ID#:2360/23

We oppose any effort that would support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in North Dakota. It is illegal under federal law and should not be allowed for usage in North Dakota.---ID#: 2307/22

We believe the penalties for driving while under the influence of marijuana should be equal to those for driving under the influence of alcohol.---ID#: 2270/22

We support increased enforcement and penalties for malicious criminal behavior relating to the destruction of personal and public property including crops and livestock.---ID#: 1769/22

We believe no investigative action can be pursued by the enforcement officers of the North Dakota Department of  Agriculture and Department of Health based on anonymous complaints. However, we support the investigation of confidential complaints.---ID#:2472/24

We oppose adverse possession.---ID#: 2475/24

Claims submitted to the state Department of Agriculture that are deemed frivolous and are withdrawn should result in the expenses incurred with the claim being paid by the submitting person or group.---ID#: 1966/24

We support the rule of law being enforced during protests and civil unrest.---ID#: 2258/24

We support the end of civil forfeiture in North Dakota.---ID#: 2192/24

While we promote an individual's freedom to sell their property to whomever they are inclined, we are against an entity/agent of a nation on the U.S. State Department foreign advisory list from purchasing land in North Dakota.---ID#: 2680/24

We oppose Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scoring systems.---ID#: 2650/24

Corporate Farming

We oppose changes to the North Dakota corporate farming laws that give advantage to or discriminate against any specific commodity or species.---ID#: 2090/22

We support the elimination of the corporate farming laws in North Dakota.---ID#: 2473/24


We oppose any changes which reduce allowable items to the cottage food laws in North Dakota.---ID#: 2385/23

We support the right to harvest or slaughter, without limitation, any commodity and/or livestock for personal  consumption or private sale.---ID#: 1895/23

We urge our legislators to reduce regulations to allow for as much local products as possible.---ID#: 2437/24

We support producers selling individual cuts of meat so long as it is processed at a custom exempt facility.---ID#: 2461/24

407.00 State Government

We believe the North Dakota Legislative Districts should consider geographical area as well as population to more equally represent the rural areas.---ID#: 2338/23

We do not support term limits for North Dakota elected officials.---ID#: 2574/23

The government should have no role in renaming historic places to fit modern sensitivities.---ID#: 2620/23

We support improving the 911 system for all residents.---ID#: 2288/22

We oppose using non-governmental organizations or groups such as Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, or others to
provide technical support for implementation of farm bill programs, conservation programs, and/or any easements required by local, county and state entities for any project(s).---ID#:2509/22

The legislative session in North Dakota should be strictly biennial.---ID#: 2057/22

We support the implementation of districts within North Dakota counties with county commissioners being elected and representing the district they reside in.---ID#: 2462/24

Agencies and Departments

We believe the director of North Dakota Game and Fish Department should be an elected official and not appointed.---ID#: 2601/23

We believe the North Dakota Game and Fish Department should only present pertinent, timely peer reviewed sound science research to support their claims.---ID#: 2327/22

We do not support state agencies conceiving, authoring or fostering legislation.---ID#:2222/24

We support that all North Dakota state agencies have a deadline to respond to issues.---ID#:2664/24

Initiated Measure

We believe any change to North Dakota's constitution should require a 2/3 majority vote approved by the voters in a general election.---ID#: 2421/24