Section 300 - Transportation

301.00 Driver's License

The North Dakota Department of Transportation should provide efficient license services to rural areas.---ID#: 2607/23

We support current farm exemptions for commercial driver's license.---ID#: 2545/23

We support a farm-friendly driver's license program with a minimum age at 15.---ID#:1467/23

We support the current Class D driver's license law for transporting farm to market.---ID#:2091/22

302.00 Highways, Funding and Maintenance

We believe the current speed limits on two and our-lane highways in North Dakota adequately meet the needs of its residents.---ID#: 2304/22

We believe weight specifications on all state and federal highways should be raised to accommodate modern equipment.---ID#: 2681/24

We oppose the installation of barrier fences in the median of the divided highways in North Dakota and support the removal of said fences.---ID#:2656/24


We support state funding for repairs maintenance and improvements of county and township roads.---ID#: 2166/23

We believe the funding mechanism for county and township infrastructure should be strengthened.---ID#: 2425/24

We support a state cost share program to allow for improvements when township/county roads, ditches, or bridges require improvements.---ID#:2217/24

We believe the funding mechanism for county and township infrastructure should be strengthened by prioritizing Stratgic Investment and Improvements (SIIF) funding.---ID#: 2631/24


We believe that when hard surfaced roads are resurfaced or top-lifted, the shoulder should also be raised.---ID#: 1545/23

As a result of any non-agricultural construction, if heavily-used township or county roads are damaged, the townships or counties should be fully compensated for the damages to the roads.---ID#: 2333/22

Roadside Markers

We believe roadside markers should be only used where needed for safety measures and at the greatest distance possible between, as well as using flexible material when prudent to do so.---ID#: 2577/23

Road signs and road markers should be staggered and a minimum of 15 feet from the white line at the edge of the road to allow passage of wide equipment.---ID#: 2610/23

We support the immediate removal of all delineator posts on two lane highways that don't mark known hazards such as sharp curves or steep ditches.---ID#: 2618/23

304.00 Transportation Miscellaneous

We urge more legislative oversight for the North Dakota Department of Transportation to limit their ill-advised  projects.---ID#: 2604/23

We support the use of a unified rural road labeling system.---ID#: 2135/23