Highways, Funding and Maintenance

As a result of any non-agricultural construction, if heavily-used township or county roads are damaged, the townships or counties should be fully compensated for the damages to the roads.

We support a state cost share program to allow for improvements when township/county roads, ditches, or bridges require improvements.

We believe use of erosion control devices in road ditches should be removed after one year.

We support state funding for repairs, maintenance and improvements of county and township roads.

We believe that when hard surfaced roads are resurfaced or top-lifted, the shoulder should also be raised.

Transportation Miscellaneous

We encourage safe and courteous practices by farmers transporting machinery and promote public awareness of farm machinery being transported on North Dakota roads. We support lawful movement of all types of farm machinery at night on all roads in North Dakota.

We support the creation and implementation of tools and technologies that allow our products to be transported efficiently to market.

We support the use of a unified rural road labeling system.

Road signs should be staggered to allow passage of wide equipment.

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