Who would ever want to farm? Turns out, a lot of people do. It's a passion. It's a connection with nature. And yet, it's a business.

We've asked our farmer members to share with us why they farm. We hope you enjoy their answers! In addition, if you are a farmer or rancher, please submit your own "I farm because..." thoughts.

Brandon Lindstrom was born to farm.


Carie Moore wants her children to know where their food, fiber and fuel come from.


John Kuipers has a degree in architectural drafting, but his heart is on the farm:

Sara Hatlewick, a young lady from Jamestown, shares why she farms:


Katie Heger shares why she farms:


Val Wagner shares why she farms:

Corey Hoglund shares why he farms:

Rodney Brown shares why he farms:

Sheryl and Darryl Smith share why they farm:



Craig Vaughn shares why he farms:

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