4/07/23 (Fri)

God sends small reminders when we need them

A new post on My NDFB Life by staff member Becca Hennessy.

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4/05/23 (Wed)

Limiting ESG impacts in North Dakota

This week we share highlights from last week's Straight Talk podcast with Representative Anna Novak, talking about her bill to limit ESG impacts to North Dakota.

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4/05/23 (Wed)

NDFB Foundation helps sponsor farm safety camps

The NDFB Foundation is providing financial support to Farm Safety Camps hosted by NDSU Extension this summer.

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4/03/23 (Mon)

NDFB Scholarship Winners Announced

The NDFB Promotion and Education Committee announced ten individuals who have been awarded $1,000 scholarships through the NDFB Foundation.

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3/31/23 (Fri)

New H-2A wage rate calculations will hurt farmers

New methodolgy for calculating the Adverse Effect Wage Rate took effect yesterday. AFBF shares why it will hurt farmers.

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3/29/23 (Wed)

Is North Dakota investing in anti-ag companies?

A new Straight Talk with NDFB podcast dropped today and features District 33 Rep. Anna Novak on ESG standards and why she introduced a bill -- HB 1429 -- to address concerns with those standards.

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3/22/23 (Wed)

Weather watch: an excerpt

There is a bill in the Legislature involving weather modification and Straight Talk podcast host Emmery Mehlhoff visited with the legislator who submitted it. We share an excerpt from that podcast.

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3/20/23 (Mon)

Is it worth volunteering?

NDFB is an member organization that can only be successful when we have active volunteers. Read five reasons why volunteering for NDFB is rewarding.

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3/16/23 (Thu)

Pizza drawing winners announced

The art contest winners for NDFB Week have been announced.

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3/14/23 (Tue)

What is your favorite?

It's only Tuesday, but so far, here are the results of our pizza topping poll!

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3/12/23 (Sun)

It's NDFB Week!

We have a great week planned! And it's a pizza themed one at that!

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3/09/23 (Thu)

Farm safety: those defining moments

Did you know that about every three days a child dies in an agriculture-related incident?

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3/08/23 (Wed)

Growing business, not government

In an excerpt from last week's Straight Talk podcast, Rep. Craig Headland shares thoughts on taxes and why he has been trying to reduce them throughout his legislative career.

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