6/25/21 (Fri)

My thank you card

Through a pandemic, a drought and more, NDFB staff member Becca Hennessy wants to share a big thank you.

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6/24/21 (Thu)

Supreme Court upholds private property rights

In a 6-3 decision, the highest court in the nation voted to uphold property rights.

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6/17/21 (Thu)

Gaining a competitive edge with NDFB's podcast

NDFB's "second" season of Straight Talk debuts with insights and knowledge former NDFB President Eric Aasmundstad has gained as a farmer, a leader and a business-owner.

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6/16/21 (Wed)

N.D. educators attending national ag conference

Four North Dakota educators have been selected through various scholarships to attend the National Ag in the Classroom Conference.

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6/15/21 (Tue)

Drought town halls

Governor Burgum and Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring will host drought town hall meeting in three cities.

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6/08/21 (Tue)

Emergency grazing of CRP open

The N.D. Department of Agriculture says Conservation Reserve Program acres are now available for emergency grazing.

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6/04/21 (Fri)

Farm Bureau urges Administration to address surge of undocumented immigrants

NDFB has signed on to a letter urging the Biden administration to address a surge of undocumented immigrants entering the United States.

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6/01/21 (Tue)

Final legislative-based Straight Talk

Emmery Mehlhoff and Pete Hanebutt share legislative successes, and Seth Estenson talks about the new direction Straight Talk will be taking.

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5/28/21 (Fri)

Getting back to normal

Joey Bailey shares how it feels to finally get back to normal in a new post on My NDFB Life.

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5/20/21 (Thu)

Share your best photos

NDFB's Promotion and Education Committee is holding its annual photo contest.

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5/19/21 (Wed)

Drawing the lines on redistricting

A new Straight Talk podcast is now live, and this time we focus on the legislative redistricting process.

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5/07/21 (Fri)

Morton County Ag Day

Morton County Farm Bureau's Ag Day was a great success. Read a guest post by Toby Olin for My NDFB Life.

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5/05/21 (Wed)

Veteran legislators share end-of-session thoughts

NDFB's newest Straight Talk podcast is live and features a talk with two veteran legislators.

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