Gaining a competitive edge with NDFB's podcast

Created: 6/17/21 (Thu) | Topic: Leadership

Following the legislative session, NDFB will continue to produce episodes for its Straight Talk with NDFB podcast. The post-legislative session format dives into how producers can gain a competitive edge by visiting with industry experts, other producers, and policy professionals directly influencing North Dakota agriculture.

The hosts of the podcast are NDFB Northeast Field Representative Seth Estenson who ranches near Warwick, N.D. and NDFB Public Policy Liaison Emmery Mehlhoff, who farms and ranches near Spiritwood, N.D.

“North Dakota producers are the best in the nation and Straight Talk with NDFB will focus on the issues that will give our listeners their competitive edge,” said Mehlhoff. “We want to give the farmer of the future the tools they need to create a business that lasts.”

The latest episode features former NDFB president Eric Aasmundstad, sharing his journey and the knowledge he has gained as a farmer, former president of NDFB, chairman of Nodak Insurance Company and owner of a successful metal art business.

“Don’t ever look back,” says Aasmundstad. “Don’t ever long for the good old days. There’s nothing as good behind you as there’s good in front of you.”

Straight Talk with NDFB is available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and iHeart. The episodes are also featured at

Latest policy episodes include:

- A pandemic, a business and separation of powers

- Blackouts, grid resilience and what the North Dakota Legislature is doing to keep the lights on

- Electronic Posting: What it is, how it’s going to work

Future Straight Talk episodes will include topics such as:

- Diversification

- Markets

- Maximizing profit potential

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