6/13/22 (Mon)

Managing your farm in a wet year

A new Stright Talk episode is now live, featuring Randy Martinson from Martinson Ag.

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6/10/22 (Fri)

Politics, policy and why elections matter

As we get ready to go to the polls on next Tuesday, NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt shares some thoughts on My NDFB Life.

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6/07/22 (Tue)

NDFB photo contest

The NDFB Promotion and Education Committee is looking for your best North Dakota photos.

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6/06/22 (Mon)

A dog by any other name

Pets are an integral part of many of our lives. Some people even have "pet names" for their pets. New post on My NDFB Life.

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5/31/22 (Tue)

New Lunchtime Convos episode

A new Lunchtime Convos episode of Straight Talk with NDFB is now live. Learn how to win with your banker!

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5/24/22 (Tue)

Farmers Saving Lives virtual event on May 31

AFBF is hosting a "Farmers Saving Lives" virtual event for Mental Health Month.

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5/19/22 (Thu)

Why are we talking about mental health all the time?

For many of us, mental health wellness wasn't talked about. Things are changing.

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5/17/22 (Tue)

Foundation receives PaY grant

Fargo North High School PaY recently chose the NDFB Foundation as one of five charities to receive a grant.

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5/16/22 (Mon)

Save the date!

The NDFB Farm and Ranch Conference will be held January 27-28 at the Bismarck Hotel and Convention Center in Bismarck.

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5/16/22 (Mon)

New Straight Talk podcast

Continue your legacy by planning for the next generation. A new Straight Talk with NDFB podcast featuring Marissa Nehlsen is now available.

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5/11/22 (Wed)

SEC overreach could put farmers at risk

The Securities and Exchange Commission has a proposed rule that would grant itself authority to regulate farms and ranches. AFBF President Zippy Duvall explains why it's a bad idea.

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5/10/22 (Tue)

What I wish I had known

NDFB Administrative Specialist Amy Neurohr shares more about her son's Type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

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5/04/22 (Wed)

Taking time to live in the moment

Life isn't easy. Sometimes it's really chaotic. Take time to enjoy! A new post on My NDFB Life by Becca Hennessy.

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5/02/22 (Mon)

New Straight Talk on grazing after a drought

NDFB's Straight Talk hosts Emmery and Ezra interview Dr. Kevin Sedivec, NDSU Extension, about grazing after a drought.

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