4/12/21 (Mon)

The heart of a volunteer

A new post on My NDFB Life by Southeast Field Representative Alisha Nord-Donnelly about volunteers.

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4/08/21 (Thu)

Civil asset forfeiture

What is civil asset forfeiture and why should you care? Check out the newest Straight Talk podcast!

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3/29/21 (Mon)

Get your value-added business listed

The deadline to get included in the newest edition of Farmhouse Treasures for you is coming in April!

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3/24/21 (Wed)

Tiling tools and water legislation

A new Straight Talk podcast is live and features a young man who has embraced tiling on the family farm and Sen. Terry Wanzek, a long-time tiling advocate.

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3/23/21 (Tue)

It's National Ag Day!

Food brings everyone to the table. And on this Ag Day, 2021, we are sharing a few outstanding resources and videos to share the story of agriculture.

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3/19/21 (Fri)

Where would we be without ag?

New guest post on My NDFB Life from the chair of the AFBF Women's Leadership Committee.

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3/17/21 (Wed)

Have you signed up your teen yet?

Route 1000 classes will be held throughout the state. Find one near you and sign your teen up. It could be worth $500!

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3/15/21 (Mon)

Death tax repeal introduced

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer and Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) have introduced legislation to permanently repeal the death tax.

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3/12/21 (Fri)

Straight Talk on trade

The newest Straight Talk podcast is up and features Rep. Paul Thomas and Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring.

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3/12/21 (Fri)

We celebrate NDFB Week because...

In a new post on My NDFB Life, Northwest Field Representative Becca Hennessy shares thoughts on celebrating NDFB Week.

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3/11/21 (Thu)

NDFB Week drawing contest winners announced

Four students took home the top prize in the NDFB Week 2021 drawing contest.

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3/05/21 (Fri)

NDFB Week is almost here

Take a trip down memory lane as we prepare to celebrate NDFB Week 2021!

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3/01/21 (Mon)

4-H season is about to start

You know spring is just around the corner when the search for 4-H animals gets underway! New post on My NDFB Life.

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2/26/21 (Fri)

Supreme Court ruling beneficial to animal ag

The North Dakota Supreme Court has issued a ruling that protects the rights of farmers and ranchers.

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2/24/21 (Wed)

How reliable is our electrical grid?

A new podcast featuring David Straley, Manager of Government & Public Affairs at North American Coal and N.D. Senator Jessica Bell is now available.

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