8/20/21 (Fri)

Fair season, followed by harvest season

Kids are heading back to school. Fair season is coming to a close, and harvest is in full swing. Another harvest is also taking place for a lot of 4-H families.

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8/18/21 (Wed)

On Your Table is holding a contest

A recipe contest. But there's a catch. Click through to learn more!

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8/06/21 (Fri)

Sharing the story of agriculture

If the term "agvocate" is foreign to you, or even if it's not, a new My NDFB Life post shares why it's so important.

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8/05/21 (Thu)

Still time to submit your photos

The deadline for the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee photo contest is less than a month away!

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8/03/21 (Tue)

On Your Table

Have you checked out some of the posts for On Your Table recently?

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7/28/21 (Wed)

Thinking about going organic?

In a new Straight Talk podcast, Emmery Mehlhoff talks with Senator Larry Luick about his successful organic farm.

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7/26/21 (Mon)

County Farm Bureaus have active summer

A number of county Farm Bureaus have been holding membership and awareness activities this summer.

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7/19/21 (Mon)

Exploring ag in the city

Incorporating ag education into a visit to North Dakota's largest city? Find out how Lisa Hauf and her boys did it in a new post for My NDFB Life.

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7/14/21 (Wed)

The Hefty philosophy

A new episode of NDFB's Straight Talk podcast, featuring Darren Hefty, is one you won't want to miss.

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7/09/21 (Fri)

With risk comes reward

New post shared on My NDFB Life from a young lady willing to take the risks for the rewards of ranching.

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7/08/21 (Thu)

Electronic posting deadline coming soon

NDFB reminds North Dakota landowners that the deadline for electronic posting of land is coming soon.

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7/02/21 (Fri)

Independence Day inspiration from Paine

A new post on My NDFB Life from NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt.

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6/30/21 (Wed)

New Straight Talk podcast

What does it take to sell your own meat from the farm? That's the topic for the newest episode of Straight Talk

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6/25/21 (Fri)

My thank you card

Through a pandemic, a drought and more, NDFB staff member Becca Hennessy wants to share a big thank you.

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6/24/21 (Thu)

Supreme Court upholds private property rights

In a 6-3 decision, the highest court in the nation voted to uphold property rights.

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