8/18/22 (Thu)

Farm succession planning

Farming with family isn't all sunshine and unicorns.

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8/04/22 (Thu)

Save the date!

The countdown is on to the 2023 Farm and Ranch Conference!

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8/03/22 (Wed)

Wondering about Straight Talk?

If you were an avid listener of Straight Talk with NDFB podcast, you're probably wondering where our dynamic duo is?

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7/29/22 (Fri)

The Amazing Truth About My First Experiences With NDFB

Meeting old members while being a new member is one of NDFB's Director of Member Relation's favorite parts of the job. Learn about Megan Hanson's first eight months with NDFB in her latest My NDFB Life post.

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7/20/22 (Wed)

Proud to be an American

For NDFB Southeast Field Representative Alisha Nord-Donnelly, Independence Day was a huge celebration. She shares her thoughts in a new post for My NDFB Life.

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7/14/22 (Thu)

Old habits are hard to break

What do you do when organizing events really, really runs through your veins? You go with it! New post on My NDFB Life by Darlene Thomason.

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7/11/22 (Mon)

Photo contest reminder

Just a reminder that the 2022 NDFB Photo Contest is open!

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7/05/22 (Tue)

Classroom cream of the crop

Last week, Jill Vigesaa was part of a group attending the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference. She shares more in a new post for My NDFB Life.

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6/28/22 (Tue)

High fuel prizes squeeze farms and ranches

American Farm Bureau's newest Market Intel analyzes an expected 34% increase in the cost of fuel, lube and electricity for farmers and ranchers.

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6/21/22 (Tue)

Summit carbon pipeline FAQ

Is your land in the path? Check out this document of frequently asked questions from NDFB's well-attended carbon storage pipeline meetings.

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6/17/22 (Fri)

A metabolic function researcher walks into a pasture

No, it's not the beginning of a joke. A Duke University scientist visited the Mehlhoff farm this week, and Emmery wrote about it for a new My NDFB Life post.

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6/17/22 (Fri)

Protect cattle from heat stress

With temperatures forecasted to be near triple digits this weekend, NDSU is sharing heat stress information for livestock.

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6/16/22 (Thu)

Dairy featured at On Your Table

To celebrate June as Dairy Month, On Your Table is featuring dairy stories each Monday.

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