4/06/22 (Wed)

Marketing in uncertain times

High input costs, rising fuels prices. Your Straight Talk with NDFB hosts Emmery and Ezra talk shop with risk management expert Ray Grabanski of Progressive Ag.

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4/04/22 (Mon)

Why term limits are bad for North Dakota

A proposal to limit terms of legislators will have a detrimental effect on rural North Dakota.

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3/29/22 (Tue)

Scholarship winners named

Eight students from across the state are recipients of NDFB's scholarships.

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3/28/22 (Mon)

Remembering the world's biggest hamburger

An NDFB Week trivia question sparks a fond memory for a staff member. New blog post for My NDFB Life.

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3/22/22 (Tue)

National Ag Day

We are so very thankful for our farmers and ranchers not only on National Ag Day, but each and every day...

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3/21/22 (Mon)

All new Straight Talk podcast

It's siblings interviewing siblings in this newest installment of Straight Talk. Emmery and Ezra interview the VanBedaf siblings Piet and Maartje about working with family.

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3/18/22 (Fri)

My nickname still sticks with me

Some people have no trouble getting and keeping nicknames. New post on My NDFB Life.

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3/18/22 (Fri)

Production costs outpacing commodity prices

The rising prices for fuel, fertilizer and other supplies has created an unwelcome counterforce to higher commodity prices.

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3/16/22 (Wed)

Straight Talk Bonus

Our Straight Talk hosts, Emmery and Ezra, have a bonus lunch conversation episode this week!

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3/11/22 (Fri)

What does it mean to be happy?

Chasing moving goalposts doesn’t leave you with much. The truly valuable things in life are not done for selfish gain, but for the gain of others.

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3/09/22 (Wed)

NDFB Art Contest Winners Announced

What is North Dakota agriculture number one in? Fourth and fifth-grade students answered that question through their creativity during the NDFB Annual Art Contest in celebration of NDFB Week, March 6-12, 2022.

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3/06/22 (Sun)

It's NDFB Week!

Let's start our celebration of NDFB Week off right! Take our interactive North Dakota crops quiz!

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2/28/22 (Mon)

A 30 x 30 land grab

In the newest episode of Straight Talk with NDFB, Emmery and Ezra visit with American Stewards of Liberty's Margaret Byfield about 30 x 30.

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2/18/22 (Fri)

NDFB now offers Budget Truck benefit

NDFB members now have access to the Budget Truck rental savings.

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2/15/22 (Tue)

So what do you do?

A new post on the My NDFB Life blog from assistant corporate secretary Emily Evert...

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