12/19/17 (Tue)

The how-to list

John Deere, one of NDFB's out-standing member-benefits providers, has a stockpile of useful "how-to" videos.

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12/18/17 (Mon)

Be ready for anything

When you’re your own boss, every job matters.

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12/15/17 (Fri)

Reaching out to help those in need

Travis Binde, NDSU Collegiate Farm Bureau President, shares what it was like boxing food donations at Great Plains Food Bank.

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12/12/17 (Tue)

Engaging for agriculture

NDFB President Daryl Lies is in Washington, D.C. this week at the American Farm Bureau Federation resolutions meeting.

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12/09/17 (Sat)

It's in the giving...

New on the My NDFB Life blog, a post from NDFB Organizational Director Joey Myers...

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12/05/17 (Tue)

NDFB requests Dicamba change

NDFB reached out to Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring to share its concerns about Dicamba label requirements. Check out this week's Dialogue with Daryl for more...

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12/02/17 (Sat)

Agriculture's future is in good hands

New on the My NDFB Life blog...

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12/01/17 (Fri)

C n ou re d his s t ce eff tl sly?

Tired more than usual? It may be hearing loss.

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11/22/17 (Wed)

Giving thanks for ag

It's about giving thanks in this week's Dialogue with Daryl.

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11/21/17 (Tue)

Turkey trivia

Looking for some interesting, lesser-known facts related to Thanksgiving? Check out our turkey trivia.

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11/19/17 (Sun)

NDFB elects leaders

Delegates to the 75th NDFB Annual Meeting, held at the Holiday Inn, Fargo, Nov. 17-18, reelected Daryl Lies of Douglas, to a two-year term as NDFB President.

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11/17/17 (Fri)

Advocating for ag's story

"We don't sell widgets. We sell a philosophy." NDFB President Daryl Lies delivers his annual address during the opening session of the 75th Annual Meeting.

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11/14/17 (Tue)

75 years in the making

As we prepare to celebrate 75 years of NDFB, it seems history does repeat itself.

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11/07/17 (Tue)

Educator guides for Food and Farm Facts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Educator guides for Food and Farm Facts, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s 32-page, full-color book of facts and easy-to-read infographics, are now available for grades 4-6 and 7-12.

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