8/13/19 (Tue)

Wild weather and prevented plant

New podcast about prevented plant and wild weather from NDFB President Daryl Lies.

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8/12/19 (Mon)

Commuting farmer style

New on the My NDFB Life blog: Food for thought about the daily commute from a farm perspective.

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8/09/19 (Fri)

EPA issues guidance on glyphosate

EPA says it will not allow California's flawed program dictate federal policy.

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8/08/19 (Thu)

Members save!

NDFB members receive $500 bonus cash on a variety of Ford vehicles.

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8/06/19 (Tue)

Teaching children where their food comes from

Cass County Farm Bureau's Ag Education Center helps teach children about their food.

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7/30/19 (Tue)

Supporting youth and livestock at the fair

A new podcast from NDFB President Daryl Lies was issued today.

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7/26/19 (Fri)

Hoosier tours the west

And provides her take on her time in North Dakota.

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7/23/19 (Tue)

Direct marketing opportunity

It's free to paid NDFB members!

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7/19/19 (Fri)

Marriage, AI and a Hereford blow dry

New on the My NDFB Life blog: A post about NDFB staffer Joey Bailey's always exciting, fast-moving summer.

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7/18/19 (Thu)

We're about hope

The NDFB Foundation has a new video and we're sharing it with you.

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7/12/19 (Fri)

Summer to-do lists

NDFB Southwest Field Representative Haley Robison shared her summer to-do list on My NDFB Life.

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7/11/19 (Thu)

USDA extends reporting deadline

Producers in states impacted by floods and heavy moisture have an extra week to report spring-seeded crops.

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7/09/19 (Tue)

Hormones in your beef?

A new podcast from NDFB President Daryl Lies provides you with the straight scoop on hormones in beef.

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7/04/19 (Thu)

Offices closed

Our offices will be closed for the Independence Day holiday.

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