9/13/16 (Tue)

EPA in trouble again

NDFB President Daryl Lies shares insights on court ruling that finds EPA violated personal privacy of farmers.

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9/12/16 (Mon)

EPA violated personal privacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Environmental Protection Agency has violated the personal privacy of tens of thousands of farmers and ranchers, according to a unanimous ruling issued by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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9/09/16 (Fri)

Patriot Day

BISMARCK, N.D. – In accordance with federal flag protocol, Gov. Jack Dalrymple is directing all state government agencies to fly the American and North Dakota flags at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Sunday, September 11 in observance of Patriot Day.

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9/07/16 (Wed)

Driving the road less traveled

There’s a certain allure to the road less traveled. Heavy, saturated traffic gives way to an open road meant just for you.

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9/01/16 (Thu)

Too cozy: USFWS and HSUS

In this week's podcast, NDFB President Daryl Lies sheds light on a growing problem: Government agencies getting too cozy with HSUS.

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8/31/16 (Wed)

Hitting the easy button for ag education

Looking for ag education resources? The AFBF Foundation has 'em!

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8/26/16 (Fri)

Carbon controversy part two

In the second part of his two-part podcast on carbon dioxide, NDFB President Daryl Lies talks about the positive benefits of agriculture on CO2 levels.

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8/25/16 (Thu)

Going for a hi-tech Cruze!

Technology. A $1,000 cash allowance. And a $500 savings from NDFB to boot. Click through to learn more.

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8/22/16 (Mon)

Ask a farmer: Why raise cover crops?

What is a cover crop and what are they for?

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8/17/16 (Wed)

The carbon controversy

When did carbon dioxide become a dirty word? NDFB President Daryl Lies weighs in, in this week's Dialogue with Daryl.

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8/05/16 (Fri)

Teachers get a taste of N.D. ag

Educators attending the Bismarck Food, Land and People workshop got to taste the goodness of North Dakota agriculture.

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8/04/16 (Thu)

Meet a dairy farm family

Corne and Conny van Bedaf followed a dream that led to locating their 1500-cow dairy farm near Carrington. Watch the video.

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8/02/16 (Tue)

NDFB's take on the special session

This week, NDFB President Daryl Lies tackles the topic of overspending and special legislation session to address it.

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7/29/16 (Fri)

Taking a road trip?

Taking your kids on a road trip can sometimes be a challenge.

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7/26/16 (Tue)

It's fair time!

Whether it's the food vendor on the midway or the 4-Her showing his her her project skills, the North Dakota State Fair embodies NDFB and agriculture in our state.

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