10/22/19 (Tue)

Flooding and farm stress

NDFB President Daryl Lies has issued a new podcast regarding the fall flooding experienced by so many rural folks.

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10/16/19 (Wed)

Rural stress resources

The American Farm Bureau Federation website now includes a stress and mental health resources page.

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10/11/19 (Fri)

Young people working to make a difference

Collegiate Farm Bureau is an organization for young people to make a difference.

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10/08/19 (Tue)

Japanese trade deal signed

President Trump signed the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement, which is an important step forward with U.S. agriculture’s fourth-largest export market.

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10/08/19 (Tue)

Meeting with a member of the Cabinet

NDFB President Daryl Lies shares a new podcast regarding a meeting with the Trump Administration's Secretary of the Interior.

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10/07/19 (Mon)

When it's #NationalPizzaMonth

You share a video about the farmers behind your pizza!

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10/04/19 (Fri)

Independence, responsibility and $500

What do these three things have in common? Read a new post on My NDFB Life by Paul Hanebutt.

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10/03/19 (Thu)

Photo contest winners announced

The NDFB Promotion and Education Committee has announced the winners of its photo contest.

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10/02/19 (Wed)

Better quality of life through hearing

Have you ever thought about making your hearing a priority? If not, there are reasons you should.

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9/27/19 (Fri)

NDFB Foundation receives sizeable donation

Country Woman of the Year winner Heather Lang has donated money to the NDFB Foundation.

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9/26/19 (Thu)

Ag Innovation Challenge deadline extended

AFBF and Farm Credit have extended the deadline for the 2020 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge.

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9/24/19 (Tue)

It's our members who make the difference

New podcast from NDFB President Daryl Lies on how NDFB arrives at its position on issues.

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9/20/19 (Fri)

Farmhouse Treasures For You

New on the My NDFB Life blog, Amy shares more about how Farmhouse Treasures For You got started.

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9/19/19 (Thu)

USDA must end NRCS abuses

AFBF takes a strong position on NRCS staff abuses.

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9/18/19 (Wed)

Sale through Monday

TripBeat is having a sale!

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