6/21/17 (Wed)

Go camping with Grainger

It's summer. Enjoy the great outdoors with Grainger camping equipment and save!

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6/20/17 (Tue)

11:24 p.m. tonight is significant for farmers

Why is the Summer Solstice of significance to farmers and ranchers? Find out in this week's Dialogue with Daryl...

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5/12/17 (Fri)

Ag Moms Rock

You might recognize a few ag moms featured in this short video. A heartfelt thank you to you all!

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5/09/17 (Tue)

Do you carry the Rx card?

NDFB members who carry the FB Rx card can save money on prescriptions.

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5/05/17 (Fri)

The Dirt

Have you ever wondered where the future of farming machinery is going?

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5/01/17 (Mon)

It's Small Business Week and we're celebrating!

$145,000 in startup funds are up for grabs in the fourth annual Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge, sponsored by American Farm Bureau Federation.

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4/28/17 (Fri)

Farm Bureau weighs in on Trump tax plan

What does Farm Bureau think of President Trump's tax plan?

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4/27/17 (Thu)

More than $151,000 raised

The NDFB Foundation and county Farm Bureaus raised over $151,000 in wildfire relief for Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

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4/26/17 (Wed)

NDFB President in Washington

Congressman Kevin Cramer organized a meeting bringing together Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt, NDFB and others to discuss energy regulations and power generation concerns.

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4/25/17 (Tue)

Farm Bureau welcomes new Ag Secretary

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duval released a statement regarding Perdue's new role as Ag Secretary.

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4/21/17 (Fri)

Responsibility at the heart of Earth Day

How does a farmer celebrate Earth Day?

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4/19/17 (Wed)

Earth Day. Every day.

Earth Day isn't just one day out of the year for farmers and ranchers. Learn more in this week's Dialogue with Daryl.

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4/13/17 (Thu)

Evan's Awesome Ag Adventures

What do kids want to know about agriculture? Watch as Evan interviews NDFB member John Kuipers!

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4/11/17 (Tue)

Tractor safety schools set

Fourteen- and 15-year-olds who plan to operate farm equipment for someone other than immediate family members must complete an approved tractor and machinery safety training program successfully.

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4/10/17 (Mon)

Educators take advantage of this great opportunity

Where does food come from? The grocery store or the local deli? In our highly urbanized society today, the vast majority of our students have limited contact with agriculture.

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